Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Essential machines for upkeep of greens

A course is renowned for its greens. For excellent maintenance of Greens throughout the year, eight machines a re required as listed below. Each machine has a specific function and tasked with a particular job. A green mower must give a smooth-finish mowing for the golf ball to maintain a true line. Regular Polishing, Dethatching,  timely Coring and  Topdressing  add class to the greens.

The essential machines required are listed as under :

Essential machines for maintenance of aprons, tees, fairways and rough areas:

Of the total acreage of the course, greens occupy only 5% of the land. The remaining 95% of the course has to be maintained by the set of eight machines listed below. Each machine is a marvel of engineering and helps keep the course in top condition.

The essentials are as under :

Miscellaneous machines:

The rough usually occupies the largest acreage of mown turf on a golf course. Since there are specific machines for a specific purpose therefore machines are required for maintenance of the entire Golf Course and to keep it spick and span.

Some of the essential machines for the maintenance of such like issues are as under :

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